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The Square Enix Holdings Company, Ltd. is a Japanese video game holding company, best known for its Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts role-playing video game franchises, among numerous others. Several of them have sold over 10 million copies worldwide, with the Final Fantasy franchise alone selling 144 million, the Dragon Quest franchise selling 78 million and the Kingdom Hearts franchise selling 30 million. The Square Enix headquarters are in the Shinjuku Eastside Square Building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Outside of video game publishing and development which the group is more known, Square Enix also is in the business of merchandise, amusement and publication of manga. The company employs some 4600 workers worldwide through its base operations and subsidiaries. The original Square Enix Co., Ltd. was formed in April 2003 as the result of a merger between Square and Enix, with the latter as the surviving company. Each share of Square's common stock was exchanged for 0.85 shares of Enix's common stock. At the time, 80% of Square Enix staff were made up of former Square employees. As part of the merger, former Square president Yoichi Wada was appointed the president of the new corporation, while former Enix president Keiji Honda was named its vice president. Yasuhiro Fukushima, the largest shareholder of the combined corporation and founder of Enix, became chairman. In October 2008, Square Enix conducted a company split between its corporate business and video game operations. Square Enix reorganised itself as the Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., a holding company, while its internally domestic video game operations were formed as a new subsidiary called the Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Morye mentioned, "Square Enix's online store service is as bad as it can get. If you received your ordered item on time, in one piece, you are one of few lucky ones. If your order got delayed for few weeks, that means at least they are aware you ordered something and shipped it, so don't feel too bad. If you requested for exchange or refund, don't expect to hear back from them any time soon. Your social security will expire even before they resolve your issue."


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Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Flood leaders are incompetent and scared of hard workers"


"Most people don't know what they're doing here. I'm sure they got hired because of the referral process. Many employees are friends and/or family members. If you're not friends with the upper management say goodbye to your hours. From Full-time to Part-time in less than two weeks. My coworker has been at an entry level for 4 years. The pay is also very low for a SR xxxxxxx position but it's time to look else where."


"Terrible work environment. Some people know what they where doing and the rest where left to wonder. Management had no direction and effectively resulted in massive layoffs. Would never work for this company unless the management changed from top to bottom, which will never happen."


"Politics to the 10th degree. You will be underpaid. You will be asked to work very long hours (sometimes meetings will be held in the middle of the night due to Japan staff. You will not see your significant other or children very much (except to put them to sleep). Your feedback is not welcome as Japan and EU do what they want. NA is a distribution arm and that's it. Simply put this is not a fun place to work at all. Staff has been seen crying at their desks, treated very poorly (yelled at), etc. Avoid...."

Current Employee - Communications Technician IV says

"They love censorship, and SJWs. They also like to blame men."

Current Employee - Manager says

"We all know that that we're just numbers for a company when it comes to employment. But experiencing the treatment I've experienced in the last 6 weeks, I must say that all pro's and the positive perception that I might have had have been overshadowed, all out the window. In this day and age, employees value inclusion, flexibility and recognition most and foremost. HR here are still in the mindset of the 70's, and that has led me to have a highly negative perception and experience, one that made me from a passive, borderline promoter, into a massive detractor. If anyone from SE HR or leadership will read this, they could research into NPS, and how it applies to employees.. By what I've observed, my coworkers are in an overwhelming number in the passive and detractor pools, with very few promoters. I would be quite concerned if I were them."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Middle management (producer/director) let personal feelings impact work relationships. Obvious favouritism with long clique lunches, overlooking failures for some and micro-managing others. No direction and complete lack of faith in opinions/experience outside of clique. Constant negative feedback. Finger pointing when (their) reactionary changes are seen as poor course of action. Been described as 'bullies' by other targeted employees."

Former Employee - Localisation QA Tester (Italian) says

"If you dream of working in the videogame industry, working in Square Enix's London office will crush your dreams. No real career opportunities unless you are a personal friend of the management. A few people have to work harder because of some "friends" who are just on holiday. Some localisation QA testers are handpicked because their managers want to offer a holiday to their close relatives. Some localisation QA managers have a job at SE simply because their are a personal friend of some higher level manager. Highly talented people has to leave to progress. The skillset required to get a job without being friend of a manager still corresponds to a minimum wage."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I don't think this applies to all departments, but I work there under very abusive and incompetent management and have to deal with a disastrous workflow and with bullying every day, and for pennies, too. One day I decided to talk about it with my manager. I think this short extract from the reply I faced says it all: "Being happy at work is not the norm. Just because you're unhappy doesn't mean I have to do something about it." Welcome to Square Enix."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Abusive management. No respect for the workforce. Promises by senior managers never followed through. Awful work environment and extremely low morale. I expect the London office will close before end of 2014."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"It’s a shame how a billion dollar company has no clue on how to choose floor leads. I guess it’s an old classic saying of you get what your pay for. The pay is low and the environment is toxic. The pay is so bad the floor leads have to park on the street since they can’t afford to pay for parking. If you have a family that you need to support look elsewhere. This job is suited for someone who lives at home with their parents.Free coffee & teaFloor leads"

Technical support and account management (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was exactly eight hours of instant messaging & phone support for a range of games developed by Square Enix. My primary role was as acting support for the game Final Fantasy.I learned how a truly streamlined department functioned.Fraternization with co-workers was frowned upon, and penalized in some cases.The hardest art of the position was simply that it was dull and restrictive.The most enjoyable aspect of the position was that it was rooted in the creative realm of video games.video game industry, consistent workrestrictive managment, very low pay, no bennifits"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Very old school/corporate - Lack of transparency - Strange department vs department mentality. Will take any chance to throw each other under the bus."

Game Master (Former Employee) says

"When I first started I was like everyone, excited. As the months passed, I learned quickly that in order to advance you are really a lucky person. Many people come and go and people are disposed by the masses. that's the life of a contractor. The only real employees are the supervisors and managers. Everyone else is contractor, so roughly 95% of the workers there.ping pong table to play on during lunchnot allowed to ANY Square Enix Employee parties, and they will always let you know you are NOT welcome."

Account Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot about dealing with people and time management during my employment at Square Enix. The pay is not the best and there can be a lot of mandatory overtime, but some of the benefits were good."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You sit at a desk answering tickets and taking calls from customers about their accounts. If your not calling you should be answering chats. They frown upon breakscool lunch areamonotonous"

Operations Support Translator (Former Employee) says

"Childish and fragile egos detract from what could be an enjoyable working atmosphere. Very limited scope for promotion."

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"I learnt the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while working against the different deadlines for each project.Benefits, dynamic industry to work inLong hours"

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"A very good place to start since it can introduce you to the basics of QA but with no way to move up, its more of a stepping stone then permanent home."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Environnement chaleureux, et amusant. Beaucoup d'avantages: parler et discuter avec des clients, animer le stand..repas gratuits, bonne ambiancepauses très strictes et travail très fatiguant physiquement"

Responsable Administratif et Financier (Former Employee) says

"Une journée type : gestion de la trésorerie et du rapprochement bancaire, ajustement des différents prévisionnels, enregistrement des écritures comptables fournisseurs, clients, ou diverses en fonction des clôtures (mensuelles, trimestrielles ou annuelles) préparation des paiements fournisseurs gestion des budgets : généraux et marketing, analyse des écarts, reporting et solutions stratégiques apportées gestion de la paie avec le service externe. les collaborateurs : une équipe jeune et dynamique. Une très bonne ambiance. en revanche le management n'était pas toujours au rendez vous."

Customer Service Agent in Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Helping customers to better play the game they pay for via phones, chat and emails"

Game Tester (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad way to start your video game career than as a tester at one of the companies at the forefront of the industry I met a lot of great people whom I still am friends with 10 years later Work can be mind-numbing and repetitive but being surrounded by fellow nerds who share your enthusiasm and passion for gaming is a plus"

Angelotti Christa says

"Customer service was terrible. Not responsive at all. Having trouble logging into the account and the default says I have to wait 24 hours to receive a new email, but the previous email sent was hard to navigate and not very helpful. Customer service is not responding. Paid 65 dollars for a game that I cannot log into."

Winston Brookes says

"Very poor customer service/response times. Have been trying to sell a copy of my FFXIV for 50% off due to constant problems regarding their GMs but no one is interested. I can see why"

J Maso says

"I purchased 2 starter decks of fftcg on the site. I instantly recieved an email, within a fraction of a second, that my payment was processed. 3 weeks later I have yet to receive what I purchased nuff said. I would give zero stars but that is not an option. I use to think square enix was a business for its fans but turns out it's a profiteering business. They are Chaos"

Jerry Herrera says

"I purchased FFXIV and the expansions because of the sale but the account setup and login system is ATROCIOUS. My login details didn't work from the jump and to reset anything I need a security question THAT I WAS NEVER PROMPTED TO SET UP. I wasted my whole afternoon navigating their god awful support site just to send them an email and they haven't even confirmed they received my support ticket. I feel robbed."

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